Robert Bridges

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Robert Seymour Bridges (1844-1930) was the Poet Laureate of England for nearly two decades, yet "his writing suffered the singular and ironic misfortune of winning broad public favor at the expense of understanding." Unfortunately, he became known for his lesser work; in an attempt to correct that injustice, this page showcases some of his major short poems. Bridges was also the man most responsible for bringing the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins to the attention of the world (after, of course, Hopkins himself).
Robert Bridges
Nationality - English
Nationality - 1844 - 1930
Family - Married Monica Waterhouse and had thre children
Education - Eton and Oxford University
Career - Poet and Physician

For beauty being the best of all we know
poem by Robert Bridges
For beauty being the best of all we know
Sums up the unsearchable and secret aims
Of nature, and on joys whose earthly names
Were never told can form and sense bestow;
And man has sped his instinct to outgo
The step of science; and against her shames
Imagination stakes out heavenly claims,
Building a tower above the head of woe.
Nor is there fairer work for beauty found
Than that she win in nature her release
From all the woes that in the world abound;
Nay with his sorrow may his love increase,
If from man's greater need beauty redound,
And claim his tears for homage of his peace.