Wild Heart

Wild Heart
The Possibility of Wilderness in Aotearoa New Zealand

Edited by Mick Abbott and Richard Reeve

This book searches for an understanding of ‘the wild’, of what makes wilderness such an important part of our psyche. What could wilderness in Aotearoa New Zealand become, and, consequently, what might we its people also become?

Contributors: Mick Abbott, Allison Ballance, Shaun Barnett, James Beattie, Mike Boyes, Tom Brooking, Stephen Espiner, Gerard Hindmarsh, Julian Kuzma, Robin McNeill, Cilla McQueen, Les Molloy, Harvey Perkins, Kerry Popplewell, Richard Reeve, Jacinta Ruru, Geoff Spearpoint, Brian Turner, Pip Wells, Jon West, Kerry Wray.

Images of pristine forests, mountain ranges, untameable rivers and empty expanses of coastline are the key attraction in how we promote Aotearoa New Zealand internationally: ‘100% Pure’ no less. Such wildness is at this nation’s psychological and physical core.